Astrotale Games is an independent game development studio based in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Our team also consists of people from other countries such as The Netherlands. The team consists of talented developers who, through their countless hours spent developing, create high-quality projects for Mobile, PC, and Console platforms.

We always approach our projects with teamwork in mind, all of our concepts and projects are checked by all members of the team to ensure that the entire team can be behind its development and give it all that we have to offer. We do all of this because we enjoy working together and value each other’s opinions but also to ensure professionalism, commitment, and the highest possible quality for our users and community.


Astrotale was formed at the end of 2019 by Armin Subasic, He had the desire to gather a team of talented individuals with whom he could create anything. At the start of 2020 he had gathered a small team and together they set out to realise their plans of teaching the younger generation all that could be learned. Together we decided to create a story that will teach the next generation.


Our first accomplishment was Sparkling Sky a casual mobile game that was released solely to the Google Play Store and reached #1 on the casual category in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This initial positive feedback was great to jump-start Astrotale Games, the success allowed us to immediately start working on our next project.

Our other accomplishment was Gigycube, we initially released it solely for the American market on Google Play and later on Amazon. To this day Gigycube is available for download worldwide. This project while giving us positive feedback from around the world was mostly positive in expanding our brand and our team. As a result, we got into contact with other Networks and Companies allowing for new opportunities.


Currently, we are creating and getting close to finishing a CC0 Free Library of Models, Textures, Colour Generators, and other aids for creators around the globe. This project is named Artaley. An introductory website for Artaley has been released. In Addition to this Astrotale’s Developers are currently making several mobile games and a single big PC/Console based project. This PC/Console project is called Terraknown and you can get more information on our devblog by clicking here. All kinds of news will also be posted on our website and our Discord Server as well so to stay up to date on anything Astrotale related make sure to join us on Discord by clicking here.