Hello Everyone!

You are probably interested in who we are and what we do? We will try to explain it to you briefly

Our name is Astrotale Games. We are a game development studio from Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our team consists of young guys from Bosnia and Herzegovina and The Netherlands. We are developing mobile, PC, and console games and we already have some projects behind us. Our idea and our goal is to realize the dreams we have been dreaming of for so many years, and that is to realize ourselves in this business and to become a strong and respectable team, which we have managed to achieve in some parts so far. If you are interested in more information about us click here.

We recently decided to start working on our biggest project to date. It is a survival-horror game with a large dose of quality mechanics, some of which are unique. The game will be accompanied by a mysterious and mystical story set on a fictional island trapped in a scientific phenomenon. The name of the game is Terraknown and the game will be made for the PC platform, and there is a possibility of developing a version of the game for consoles as well.

We assume that you are interested in more information about this project, and therefore we will try to give a little more information in the near future, and for this reason, we recommend that you follow our devblog that will follow the entire development journey of Terraknown. We will place the news about Terraknown in the public in other ways as well. Some of them are through our media partners, live streams, social media, youtube videos, and others.

To stay up to date with the news and the devblog itself, sign up for our newsletter, and through that follow all the information that we publish about Terraknown.

Of course, we have not forgotten our fans and our community. We are officially informing you that this project will be community-developed and that the whole community will have the opportunity to contribute to this project through suggestions, bugs reporting, ideas, and other ways!

Finally, Astrotale Games officially announces the realization of the biggest project of our team so far and we hope that with the help of our community and all those who love game development, we will make one big and successful story!

Thank you and best regards until next time from Astrotale Games!